Pathways To Excellence: Innovation, Collaboration and Cultural Safety:
Mapping Best Practice for Suicide Prevention Projects in Perth

The objective of this project is to build the capacity of Suicide Prevention practitioners in the Perth metropolitan area to provide safe, inclusive and high-quality services by:

  • identifying gaps in knowledge and skills amongst Perth and Western Australian Suicide Prevention/Intervention/Postvention facilitators;
  • identifying baseline of best practice elements to create a safe, supported and inclusive environment for all participants of Perth-based Suicide Prevention/Intervention/Postvention workshops and projects; and
  • mapping existing resources, skills development opportunities and support options that may be made available to Perth Suicide Prevention/Intervention/Postvention facilitators.

The project was led by Connection and Wellbeing Australia (CAWA) in collaboration with Perth Metropolitan Suicide Prevention Coordination Team and all Perth-based Suicide Prevention, Intervention, Postvention facilitators and their associated organisations.

The Pathways to Excellence Project aimed to identify new ways to ensure best practice by Suicide Prevention practitioners in the delivery of Suicide Prevention projects in the Perth metropolitan area. The project was divided into five phases, each of which built on the other in identifying and exploring the reasons for, and possible solutions to, knowledge and skill gaps (and other barriers to best practice) found in the Suicide Prevention sector today. In order to gain a rounded picture of current practice and its effects, the perspectives of a range of practitioners as well as of participants, was sought.

Practitioner Definition: Anyone who delivers Suicide Prevention projects in the Perth metropolitan area including Prevention/Intervention/Postvention and Research projects

Participant Definition: Anyone who has participated in a Suicide Prevention project in the Perth metropolitan area by: answering a survey, attending a workshop or training, attending a community consultation, community event, forum, or participated in research or a study.

Over 168 hours of consultation, in the form of survey, forums and 1:1 meetings was held and as a result a series of recommendations have been developed around: The general needs of the suicide sector, Funding and Resourcing, Networking and Collaboration, Research Priorities, Priority populations and gaps in delivery and Recognition and Motivation.

To roll out these recommendations, CAWA is currently seeking funding and partnership for interested parties. If you wish to  view the Pathways Report or collaborate on these outcomes, please contact