How can you partner with us?


We at CAWA value our staff, volunteers and our partners.

We believe that when we work together we achieve better outcomes. We look for partnerships that will strengthen the work that we do, the people that partner with us, and the communities that we serve


Sponsor a Community Workshop:

Your organisation or group can sponsor a workshop for general members of of your local community. This is a great way to give back to the areas which you deliver services to and raise your community profile.

Sponsor a Targeted Workshop:

Many smaller organisations and peer based volunteer-led groups have neither the funds or capacity to access our vital services. We have relationships many groups who we can connect you with to sponsor training on their behalf.

Resource a Pilot Program:

There are particular areas and groups that are under serviced or unrepresented in the suicide prevention space. Resourcing a pilot program can ensure valuable data is gathered to ensure the wellbeing needs of these groups are being met effectively.

Provide Other Supports:

Donating in-kind training venues and sponsoring catering or resources helps us to cut costs for unfunded groups to enable access our services. Contributing in this way will also raises awareness of your organisation and the work that you do.


Other ways that you can engage with us include:

Organising training/professional development sessions for your staff team to increase their capacity and build resilience

Using our consultancy services to examine the inclusive practice and cultural diversity of your organisation

Engaging one of our team as speaker for a forum or event

Partnering with us for a mental health awareness day activity





We have collaborated to deliver successful learning outcomes and cultural change initiatives for federal, state and local government, corporate, not for profit organisations and community clients.