Awareness Raising Presentations

30 mins- 2 hours (20-200 participants):

Almost all CAWA workshops have a virtual and face to face option. Let us know which format will suit your needs.

Single speaker- or we can arrange a panel of speakers from local groups and organisations.

Organise an information session (or year long calendar of events) to raise awareness about a particular topic to increase staff or community awareness.

These can be done anytime, but you may wish to link your session in with the following days of note:

  • Harmony Day- 21 March 2017
  • National Reconciliation week- May –June
  • IDAHOBIT- May 17
  • NAIDOC Week-July
  • Homelessness Week- August
  • World Suicide Prevention Day- Sep 10th
  • RUOK Day- 14th September
  • Mental Health Week-  October
  • World Mental Health Day- 10th October
  • International Day of People w Disability- 3rd of December